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It’s not everyday you get published on your favourite wedding blog, so I was really honoured when Hayley and James’s stunning wedding made it onto the hallowed pages of Polka Dot Bride! This Dunsborough wedding was such a pleasure to photograph, I loved every second of it, and I’m so glad it’s reaching a wider audience via this amazing wedding blog. Check out the Polka Dot Bride story here, and for my own blog post of this wedding visit this page. As a reminder to me and you, below are a couple of my favourite photos from this wedding :)

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This is pretty cool. I shot Sara and Richie’s wedding across in Perth a few months go, and it got featured in the Sunday Times this weekend! All thanks to these two good lookers, I know, but it’s nice to think so many people saw that photo while eating their Sunday breakfast.

Their wedding was awesome… I flew across from Brisbane to shoot it and had an absolute blast. A ceremony in the UWA Sunken Gardens… a reception cruising on a boat up the Swan River… what more could you ask for? Check out the blog of the wedding here, and have a look at the photo from the Sunday Times below!

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The other day we braved the cold flew down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit my buddy for life Tom and his little family. He is a doting Dad to little Amelie Coco, who proved a very willing and smiley camera subject! She didn’t even complain about being taken from the warm house and whirled around on the beach… in fact she was quite tickled by the whole process. Here’s a few photographs we took.

All of these were taken with a Canon 5d Mkii, and a 50mm prime lens (the infamous ‘nifty fifty’). I’ve taken to carrying this setup around with me everywhere I go… it’s not too cumbersome, and I love the challenge of not having a zoom to work with. Having a camera with me all the time means I don’t miss cool opportunities that pop up, such as a spontaneous photoshoot like this one.

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And while you’re here, how funky is this wedding? :)

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Dave and Amy are not known for doing things in half measures, and their wedding was no exception. These are the guys who gave us the fearless ‘big dip’ for their first kiss, which you can read about here. They got hitched at a stunning estate called The Riad in the lush Byron hinterland, minutes away from where they first met at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. The location perfectly captured the classy, laid back vibe of Dave and Amy, the ultimate backdrop for a day of laughter and escapades. I was there, I took some photos… it’s all caught on camera. And what a pleasure that was. All the building blocks of the day fitted together seamlessly, from Amy’s gorgeous dress to the bridesmaids dresses to the suits. The inimitable Frank and Joy ensured the day ran like clockwork, and Cara from Modern Love Ceremonies was the perfect celebrant for the occasion. But what really made the day special were those grins on the bride and groom’s faces… they just didn’t go away the whole day. Take a look.

If you’re getting married at the Riad, in Byron Bay, or anywhere else in Australia and you’d like to know more about my wedding photography, drop me a line!


If you enjoyed looking through Dave and Amy’s wedding photos, have a look at some other recent weddings I’ve shot:

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Positive feedback rocks my world… I feel it justifies my role at a wedding, reinforces my belief in myself as a photographer. I had a couple of emails recently that made me smile from happy couples (who coincidentally, were also smiling):

Sarah and Pete wrote via Facebook “Couple of damn happy customers here Gav! I’ve been meaning to email back all week to thank you…the full set is just M-A-R-V-E-L-L-O-U-S!”

And Hayley and James emailed to say “Just wanted to say the photos are amazing! We absolutely love them and wanted to thank you again for the whole day and experience.”

Carly and Shaun sent on Facebook “Gav!! Our wedding pictures are absolutely phenomenal!!! I just want to look at them all day!!! You’re amazing!” 

Fuel for the soul I tell you!

If you’re getting married in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia and have questions about your wedding photography, drop me a line and I’ll answer them for you!



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I’ve been friends with Richie and Sara for a long time. They live their lives via a philosophy of fun and happiness… the kind of couple who will pick you up and carry you along with them on a wave of smiles and laughs. Along with everyone else I was really looking forward to their wedding, I knew their life philosophy would convey itself to the day, and there would be fun, tears, high-fives, chest bumps… the works. I was even more honoured to be taking the photographs for them – with the emotion on display, Sara’s impeccable taste and organisational skills and the stunning locations they chose, my job was easy. The ceremony was at the UWA Sunken Gardens, a green and leafy amphitheatre that showcases the Perth autumn light beautifully. Having the ceremony there gave us the opportunity to take their bridal party photos in and around the university grounds, with it’s mind blowing architecture, reflection pool and slightly crazy ducks. Never afraid of doing something different,  for the reception we hopped onto a rather palatial boat and cruised the evening away up and down the Swan River. Amazing people, amazing day… here are some photos from it. If you’re getting married at the University of Western Australia, or anywhere else in the country or abroad, contact me if you have any questions about your wedding photos.

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